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Shadow puppets







Armchair Puppet Theatre has a variety of tried and tested shadow puppet workshop formats that have been used for a wide range of groups in different settings.

One of our shadow puppet workshops is particularly suitable for School Book Weeks or Library Reading Schemes. This workshop encourages a love of books by bringing excerpts from children’s favourite stories into dramatic reality as short shadow puppet scenes.

Longer stories can be divided up into scenes for a class or group of participants to make, rehearse and perform, either in sections to each other or as a complete story to a group of parents or friends.

For celebrations and festivals we offer an all day workshop. Throughout the morning participants make various shadow puppets from an agreed story and are then free to go off and explore other activities. They return at a pre-arranged time to rehearse the show, in time for a final shadow puppet performance to other festival goers.

We can design any of our workshops or training sessions to tie in with a particular theme you wish to explore or specfic skills you want to concentrate on with your group.