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Shadow shows

Shadow puppet shows

Workshop Introductions

This wide range of short shadow puppet shows illustrate the potential of shadow puppet workshop. Our 2005 show, "The Owl and the Pussy Cat" by Edward Lear, was used on the Library Reading Voyage tour and includes references to Nelson's HMS Victory and Darwin's exploration of the Galapagos Islands. Other shadow puppet shows that have been devised for Library tours include "Roller Coaster" - an exciting trip around a fun fair and "Three Men in a Boat" - their colourful passage through Molesey Lock on the River Thames.


Lively shadow performances to accompany all types of music and song lyrics for parties, weddings and seasonal celebrations. The story of "Guy Fawkes' Dream" was originally written for a Harberton Bonfire Night and has been performed in the complete darkness of the gunpowder room at Crownhill Fort in Plymouth.

World Stories

These include the Greek myths of "Odysseus and the Cyclops" and "Theseus and the Minotaur", and the story of "The Lizard in the Fire" from the Housa people in West Africa.

Performance Workshops

For the last six years with the help of festival goers at the Plymouth Respect Festival, we have made a multicultural shadow puppet performance in a day. These have included our adaptation of "Handa's Surprise" and story "The Four Corners of the World" as well as stories from the Pourquoi American Indians "The First Love Song", the Dogon people "Amma's Creation", Ghana "The Fire Children" and Nigeria "Water, Moon and Sun".
Some of these performances have featured in School Assemblies and One World Week events.

See our Formats page in the workshops section to discover how Armchair Puppet Theatre can help you and your group create your own shadow puppet performance.

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Picture this page:
"Amma's Creations"
A shadow puppet performance by Whitegate C.E. Primary School during One World Week.



"Thanks for putting on such a great show at our recent Halloween evening. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed doing the performances as much as our visitors enjoyed watching them."

Shaun McCoy
Operations Manager
Crownhill Fort, Plymouth