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Creation Myths

Nyame and the Sky Spirits
Nyame and the Sky Spirits - Teign School

Armchair Puppet Theatre has collaborated making Creation Myths with Tony Gee’s Far & Wide Theatre Company for the last three years.

Creation Myths are a theatre of the first kind, where all manner of creatures from children to teachers, make their own performance from devising to construction; with music, puppets, storytelling and dance; from rehearsal to performance - and create all manner of creatures! After the initial introduction of the story in the School Hall, as each class makes their set of puppets, a feeling of anticipation and excitement spreads throughout the entire school.

Creation Myths are stories of origin. They are about the essential mystery that underpins existence - how nothing becomes something. They are the roots of a culture’s story tree. Creation Myths are stories about creativity!

In Far & Wide’s workshops/residencies, a group is led by a team of talented puppeteers, visual artists, storytellers, dancers and musicians to making their own telling of a Creation Myth. We have worked with Creation Myths from as far afield as Africa, North America, India and Mexico and as wide as the Fools of Chelm. At the climax of most Autumn Terms we have helped produce a school Nativity Puppet Show. The workshops that Armchair Puppet Theatre have been involved with have been for one or two whole year groups / one or more whole schools, lasting between three to nine days. See World Record and News


Turtle puppet


Over the last two visits the Far & Wide Team have been awarded 100% Excellence for Timekeeping, Attitude towards staff, Attitude towards children, Advance Planning, Educational content,Recreational content and Quality of work produced, by all six Walton upon Thames schools they worked at in Surrey.


“Well planned…well resourced, sympathetically directed……a dynamic creative experience for children(staff too)….powerful creations, hilarious fun, quiet times of tenderness and delight, exciting new skills….culminating in two breathless performances.”
Headteacher, PlymouthSchool.

“Enabled the young people to shine brightly and believe in their own voice.”
Children’s Society Officer.

“A model of good practice. They balance professionalism with personal and social skills to enable maximum imaginative engagement.”
Manager of Dartington Arts.