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The Blue Bird

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The Blue Bird Premiere

The Blue Bird shadow puppetThe Blue Bird, by Maurice Maeterlinck, is about two children's search for the blue bird, which is thought to be the only cure for a girl who is dying.

This innovative project brings together the sounds of Saffron Beagley's eight piece Silhouette Ensemble and the shadow puppetry of Armchair Puppet Theatre. The performance of The Blue Bird takes place at 8.00pm on Wednesday 31st May, at The Wardrobe in Leeds, as the first half of Saffron Beagley's debut presentation. The delicate interface of cross cultural music, voice and shadow, animates this poignant, touching, and gently humorous adaptation.

The second set features the powerful, densely textured sounds of The Saffron Beagley Jazz Orchestra. Sometimes raucous and always adventurous, Beagley’s innovative compositions are written for her seventeen outstanding Leeds area musicians. The Saffron Beagley Jazz Orchestra's repertoire will include pieces by Maria Schneider and Kenny Wheeler.